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Trying to find what query is run for a GP 2012 native report

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I have some old native reports our finance department run that I would like to migrate to SSRS , easiest way for me to do this is to get the query/queries that grabs the data behind this report for example 


I run this while watching/capturing the queries run agains the mssql database server that the  mgmmt report is using is there a better way for me to see what tables/views are beining queried?

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    merrittr 65 on at
    RE: Trying to find what query is run for a GP 2012 native report

    Yeah I tried profiler that was a dead end. it is like GP is masking so you cannot find the query ...this is a really good reasonn to steer clear of DYNAMICs is this is a way to trap people

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    RE: Trying to find what query is run for a GP 2012 native report

    There's not a way to do that, that I'm aware, such as getting a query to pull data that a MR report is using, to then use it to setup a SSRS report or something along those lines.

    You could maybe look at a SQL profiler trace when running a report from MR to see what that shows. If using legacy you might see queries that you could use, but if using data mart, less likely.

    That being said, I'm not sure either would show you anything useful.

    Maybe others in the community have something they have done or used?

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