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Fille System OnPremises as storage source for case

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Hi Dear Community, 
I have request to upload file in to case when file created in folder from local network. What i found there is some options: 
- Create service in local network to run FileSystemWather (to get events, create .... file) and send http request to power automate flow (convert file as base64). Then in flow assign file to case. 
- Create File System connection based on OnPremises connector, create flow on /When a file is created (properties only)/ or /When a file is added or modified (properties only/). Then in flow assign file to case. 
Chalenge is to display files on case form (in Tab) and allow user to download this file, upload new one or remove. 
(so file could be uploaded automatically by flow or manually by user, but in 90% file should be added by flow)
Option 1
Sharepoint -  but how to add file to share point and assign first file to case (no folder created yet in sharepoint for case) in power automate flow? 
Option 2
Custom Table and display as view with some manual flows available to user(upload ne file, remove file, download file) 
During /When a file is created (properties only)/ or /When a file is added or modified (properties only)/ fows add records to table and add GUID for case. 
Or any another option ? 
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    BB-06050824-0 17 on at
    Fille System OnPremises as storage source for case
    Thank You Dengliang Li  for answer, one quesion more: 
    This will use sharepoint storage for this file or D365 storage ? 
    based on your sugesstion my understunding is to get file from local and upload to sharepoint then get from sharepoint and upload to case. 
    So there will be 3 location with the same file ? 
    Perfect scenario is to use sharepoint as storage for case and is working for me 
    1. Use File System property
    2. File name include 11 characters so I need to use substring(File Name, 0, 11)
    then set to Variable 
    3. Use List rows to get CaseId based on dps_number
    4. Then assign File to Case. 
    Step 1:  Check if folder fo case exist (title_caseID exmpl: 3451111654_EE18C91A0FC1EE119078000D3A5A84B3)
    Step 2: If Folder not exist create and upload file in to new folder, if folder exist just upload File. 
    Now file should be visible from Case Form
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    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Fille System OnPremises as storage source for case
    You can create two flows, one flow is used to upload local files into SharePoint.
    The other flow is for when there is a new file upload in SharePoint, to add this file to a specific case record.
    You can use the File column in the case entity. The column supports uploading, downloading, and deleting.
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    If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me .
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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