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Why is my web user opening sessions every minute?

Posted on by 514

I'm dealing with a 24/7 operation (so regular AOS bounces are out) on 2012R2 with a tremendous number of inactive web user sessions.

The vast majority are calls from the Enterprise Portal to the AOS that happen in pairs every minute for every user logged on to AX (active users varying between 10 and 200 during the day).

They do get closed by the AOS, but at a rate of about a handful every minute (in total, not per user) so it's an upstream battle which the AOS is bound to loose.

I always assumed that inactive sessions are not particularly harmful, but I'm starting to believe that this is not necessarily so. I'm particularly suspicious of a relationship to garbage creep in the server's memory. Not saying that the inactive sessions are the garbage, but can it be that they did not pick up properly after themselves?

This is what my account has been doing all night long when all I did was what I do best (nothing). 


As you can see, two calls from enterprise portal to AOS every minute, calling it quits as soon as they are brought into existence.

So basically I have three questions with hard to find answers:

Question 1: Is there any merit to my suspicion that there is more to the subject than just a registration of a done deal (i.e. Is it possible that these calls leave a mess in memory)?

Question 2: How do I trace the origins and purpose of these calls? Do these come from the Role Centre? Polling activities? Workflows? What?

Question 3: Is there a way to regulate the frequency of these calls? 

For the record, I'm well aware of methods for cleaning up SYSCLIENTSESSIONS and not looking to mask the symptoms. I'm also aware that inactive web users are a thing from way back when, and that they are not really a long as you are able to bounce your AOS from time to time.


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