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Inventory Dimension Location is a Primary...

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Need some help on this one, So I have an RMA order that is Quarantined by default based on Dimension group., Our Quality Person reviews the item in Quarantine (after it has gone through the Arrival Overview and Receipt) and determines that the disposition of it is "replace and scrap"  which he assigns to it before ending the Quarantine order. He then ends the that quarantine order. Do (you see where this is going yet) He then needs to do a Packslip on the RMA to move it along in the system (?Create a Credit?) and when he goes to generate the Packing slip AX Gives the following error "Inventory dimension Location is a primary input/output dimension and must consequently be specified."  The system looks like it is trying to create a Quarantine order on the fly to scrap out the parts but it is error.  I think I understand what the system is doing, It is trying to scarp out the items based off of the original receipt location, but since the original receipt location was a Quarantine order that has already been ended and moved it can not find where the item is at?  Is my think correct on this?   Has anyone come accross this before and what they did to correct it?


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    RE: Inventory Dimension Location is a Primary...

    Be sure you have a quarantine warehouse designated on the warehouse that you're using. Go to Inventory and Warehouse Mangement -> Setup -> Inventory Breakdown -> Warehouses

    Select the warehouse that your RA is associated with. Make sure that this warehouse has an entry designating a quarantine warehouse.


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