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Adobe Acrobat Pro Requirement

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Hello community,

My company currently uses Dynamics GP 2018 R2, and we recently ran into issue when we re-deployed the client into our new Remote Desktop Services environment. The issue is that we found that when using the email invoice functionality (PDF attachments) or bulk invoicing (PDF invoices) within GP it requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro for PDF document generation. We only have the old unsupported version of Acrobat Pro 9 and the named user license version of Acrobat DC. The named user version causes several issues including needing licenses for all users who depend on this functionality and requiring registry hacks to suppress the security warning for the licensed users.

I want to know if anyone in the community has found any solution to this Acrobat Pro requirement for bulk PDF generation or using the named license version of Acrobat Pro DC in conjunction with GP in a Remote Desktop environment. Without falling back to an unsecured and unsupported version of Adobe Acrobat Pro is there any workaround of using another PDF generation tool like CutePDF for example, or is there any workaround of using the named license version of Acrobat Pro DC for PDF generation without needing the user having to actually log into an Adobe account. Or, if Adobe Pro is our only option is there a supported version that doesn't require a user to login to the Adobe Creative Cloud?

Some other notes: sending out Word documents as attachments is not an option for us from a policy standpoint, and manually printing invoices to PDFs and sending out emails one at a time is not feasible due to the bulk of invoices we send out. Additionally, using an older version of Acrobat is not an option as we got dinged in a security audit of all the unpatched security vulnerabilities present in these older versions of Acrobat Pro.

I appreciate any feedback from the community.

Thank you

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    RE: Adobe Acrobat Pro Requirement

    I fully agree with Justin.. I just recently helped a customer to convert over to the "Word Template" e-mailing in PDF format as they used to print them all in PDF with Acrobat using the embedded GP reports.

    Word Templates are much nicer and the PDF generation is seamless when sending them out.  In GP E-mail setup for Sales or Purchasing, you can actually choose which format should be supported (DOCX, HTML, PDF or XPS).

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    RE: Adobe Acrobat Pro Requirement


    For the old style of emailing, meaning not using Word Templates , but rather Standard Reports, Adobe is going to be required to use PDF. Simply put, we usually call on their specific API, and some options in GP will not even appear if Adobe is not installed. A good example of this is the Send To PDF option found on all reports. If Adobe is not installed, then this option will be grayed out

    The new email functionality, meaning Word Templates, actually fully allows for PDF emailing through Word itself. It used to not work through the Exchange option, but this was changed a few versions back. At this point, you can use Word Templates to email any Template Report as a PDF. This is likely going to be your best option, as you can email Templates in bulk.

    I am sure the community may have more feedback here as well.

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