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Lists, and views, not updating in Customer Service workspace

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We have a very simple solution where we use different lists to view our tickets and also a simple view with some customer information and then a timeline for the notes.
A while ago, around June 20th, those things stopped auto-updating.
When we open a case, we often have to click Update for it to manually update the information on the timeline. Sometimes several times.
On the lists they show the correct information when we first open a tab with the list. But when we change from a list tab to a case or other list, and go back to the list, it shows old information. We press Update and it loads the correct data.
I am VERY new to MS Dynamics, so I don't know if I managed to explain this well enough. If you need more information, ask me and I'll try to give you more information.
List view
If I go from /Saker Innboks/ to /Saker Mine aktive saker/ then I always have to press Update (Oppdtater) to get the correct list. It somehow seems to default to showing what was on the list, first time I opened it for the day
Case view
Whenever I open a case, the timeline often shows incomplete data, or for instance I don't have the icon to press to send out a reply on e-mail. I then have to press Update, and it corrects itself, but sometimes I have to update the case several times.
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    Lists, and views, not updating in Customer Service workspace
    Our team tried to reproduce your operation but was never able to reproduce your problem.
    Is there a custom plugin in your environment that is affecting the refreshing of data in the views and timeline?
    If you have checked that there are no custom plugins in your environment, then there may be an issue within dynamics 365 and you can seek support from Microsoft at the link below.
    I hope my answer is helpful to you! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Best Regards,
    Rudy Zhang

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