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Setting Up User Permissions for Sales Orders and Invoices

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Hi community,
I need help with setting up permissions in Business Central for three users:
User 1: Can only create and release(confirm) sales orders and invoices.
Example: John can create a sales order and confirm it, but cannot ship or post it.

User 2: Can only ship released sales orders and invoices, but cannot release them.
Example: Jane can ship a sales order that John released, but cannot release any orders herself.

User 3: Can only post shipped invoices, but cannot release or ship them.
Example: Mark can post an invoice that Jane shipped, but cannot release or ship any orders or invoices himself.

How can I set these permissions in Business Central? Any step-by-step instructions or examples would be very helpful.
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 4,791 Super User on at
    Setting Up User Permissions for Sales Orders and Invoices
    another approach, it will be easier to create permission sets for the users by recording permissions. 
    Jun Wang
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    KasparsSemjonovs Profile Picture
    KasparsSemjonovs 3,172 Super User on at
    Setting Up User Permissions for Sales Orders and Invoices
    for first You can use standard permission set for creating Sales documents (not posting)
    For second You would need to create a separate permission set, where table 37 would would have permissions (read=yes, Insert=no, Modify=indirect, delete=no). table 36 would have only the read permission.
    for third it is a tricky = I think for table 36 and 37 you would need modify=indirect.
    Best way how to set these permissions would be to use the Recording option in the Permission Set page. Create new permisison set, open it, and find the record button. 
    Then open create a sales order and release it. Go back to permission set window, and press stop recording. 
    Then create another permisison set, hit record again, and ship SO, then again stop recording 
    Then create third permission set, hit record, post the invoice for shipped items. stop recording.

    This way you would have the base for those 3 permission sets, but most likely they will record some more permissions than needed. You can try to delete the ones that You see user doesn't need... and adjust it. 
    Last option for tweaking is setting up security filters - for example if User 2 would only need to be able to see Released Sales Orders (add security filter for Status field = Released for table 36, or if User 3 should only be able to Read those Sales Orders, which have at least one item shipped - same way add security filter for table 36 field Shipped (or maybe the name of field was something else - I can recheck the exact filter if needed).

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