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Issue using 64 bit Office 365

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We're running GP2015, with (up until recently) the 32 bit version of Office 365, and the GP e-mail type set to MAPI.

When creating remittance advices, the users sometimes need to attach further documents to the e-mail before it goes out. To do this, they'd 'Work Offline' in Outlook and would then be able to edit the e-mails which were held in the Outbox, attaching an extra documents before going back online and releasing the e-mails.

However, Microsoft are now pushing the 64 bit Office as the default install so we'd like to go with that. After changing the GP e-mail type to 'Exchange', everything works OK except the ability to hold and edit the e-mails before they go out. Taking Outlook offline has no affect and the e-mails are sent straight away.

Apart from going back to 32 bit Office and the 'MAPI' e-mail type, is there any other way of attaching other documents to these e-mails before they are sent out?

  • RE: Issue using 64 bit Office 365

    Hello Michael,

    I had a feeling this might be the case.  With it being a direct connection between GP and O365/Exchange, it's not going to take Outlook rules into account when it comes to handling mail delivery of items from another source.  i.e. It's GP -> O365/Exchange, not GP -> Outlook -> O365/Exchange.

    Sadly, this is where my own knowledge falls somewhat flat.  There may be a way to use the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) to set up a rule to delay the delivery of emails by subject lines that contain a specific phrase (check condition), but I'm not seeing any supported Action that would delay the actual delivery.

    For reference, here is the seed article I'm referring to:

    If such a Mail Flow Action existed, I'd imagine it would look something like this:

              Check Condition:  IF subject line contains "X"

              Action:  THEN delay delivery for "Y" minutes

                  (Couldn't find any such action)

    There may very well be a way to set this up, but I'm sad to say that such knowledge is beyond me.  If you'd like to reach out to Microsoft Support on this, I'd recommend opening up a case with Exchange Online, specifically regarding Configuration of Mail Flow rules.  That should at least get you in the ballpark of engineers who might be able to help you.

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    Michael986 10 on at
    RE: Issue using 64 bit Office 365

    Unfortunately this didn't work.

    Although the rule works fine when sending 'normal' e-mails, GP somehow bypasses the rule and the e-mails get sent out straight away.

    This is a bit frustrating - looks like we may need to go back to the 32 bit version just for the GP users - unless anyone has any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Michael986 Profile Picture
    Michael986 10 on at
    RE: Issue using 64 bit Office 365

    Hi Stephan,

    That's a great idea - thanks.

    I've done a quick test setting up the rule and sending an e-mail and it works as required, so I just need to get the Accounts team to try it with GP, just in case GP manages to do something a bit odd. But in theory it should do just what we need.

    I'll report back to (hopefully) confirm that it's working after we've tested with GP.

    Thanks again for your response


  • RE: Issue using 64 bit Office 365

    Hello Michael,

    It's been a while since I've dug that deep into Dynamics GP (any version), but I believe a potential solution for you may lay outside of GP settings, but there's a bit of a trade-off.  Bear in mind that I've only tested this within Outlook and no GP integration with Exchange, so this may need to be taken with a grain of salt. 

    You could set up a mailbox-wide delay (rule) for all messages sent from Outlook that would put these emails in your Outbox for a maximum of 2 hours, allowing you to make changes before they are "officially" sent.  See the second half of this KB:

    Thus, the email remains in the Outbox and allows you to edit before it is actually sent.  Bear in mind that pressing "Send" on the edited email message or "Save" will reset that 2 hour timer.

    There are a few trade-offs if you should decide to go this route:

    1. ALL emails from Outlook on that specific workstation and user login would be delayed by 2 hours unless you set a unique parameter that is specific to Outgoing GP emails during the rule's setup (i.e. unique subject line/recipient/etc.)

    2. The Rule is Outlook Client-Specific, so if a user were to log in to another workstation, the rule would have to be set up again.

    Hopefully this is of some help!

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    Michael986 10 on at
    RE: Issue using 64 bit Office 365

    One last nudge on this one to see if anyone can offer a solution, or at least anything else to try.

    Failing that, it looks like I may need to revert back to using the 32 bit version of Office 365. However, who knows where that will lead us in the future as there's bound to end up being differences between the two versions.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  • Michael986 Profile Picture
    Michael986 10 on at
    RE: Issue using 64 bit Office 365

    Is anyone able to offer any advice with this?

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