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Transfer security between 2 Ax2012R2 systems

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i have 2 AX2012 Systems (mostely the same as one is the productive and the other a full copy of it, lets call it "test") i want to set up security (Roles, Duties, priviliges ) in test, and then transfer to PROD (User - Role assignment will be done in PROD)

Question: how do it transferr Roles , Duties, Privileges from Test to PROD



  • skaue Profile Picture
    skaue on at
    RE: Transfer security between 2 Ax2012R2 systems

    Please have a look here:

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    fsilva-jr Profile Picture
    fsilva-jr 20 on at
    RE: Transfer security between 2 Ax2012R2 systems

    I have been using this method for some time without problems.

    I just export the role/dutie/privileges from the Security node into the AOT and than import xpo to another AX instance!

  • Kartik Kurup Profile Picture
    Kartik Kurup 435 on at
    RE: Transfer security between 2 Ax2012R2 systems

    Assuming that the roles you are talking about are custom roles i.e. they have either been created from scratch or have some minor tweaks to the existing ones, moving an XPO from the AOT of test to PROD (preferably QA) would be the best approach. In short, I concur/second with the previously posted solution.

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    Praveen Profile Picture
    Praveen 1,201 on at
    RE: Transfer security between 2 Ax2012R2 systems

    The changes are still viewed as AOT customization's and would need to be employed with the same modelstore approach to eliminate any application id's mismatch on the Production. Most likely you would need another instance which is an exact replica of PROD, may be call it as QA(exact replica, mainly verifying). Recreate or import the xpo changes here into the QA from TEST. Finally take a complete ModelStore export from QA and import to the PROD and update the data changes.

    Ive not tried this from the security perspective, so please do post back once you have got an optimal solution approach or if the above works.

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