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hide and show tab based on condition using fetch xml with liquid template

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how to hide and show tab based on condition using fetch xml with liquid template in power portal.


I want to hide share your link tab , when condition is not matched with them if condition is matched then show this tab.

in this tab I add a link, when we click on this tab then open a new web page and there are  one field that name is report. if this field contain data then "share your link " tab is shown otherwise this tab will be hide .



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    RE: hide and show tab based on condition using fetch xml with liquid template


    Here is a basic JavaScript that hides and shows a tab based on the value in a whole number field, but you can change that to meet the conditions you are looking for, just change "DETAILS_TAB" to the name of your tab and "new_wholenumber" to the name of one of the fields you are going to use to check the condition(s).  Right now it is set so that if the whole number field is "2" then the field is shown, otherwise it is hidden.  Rinse, lather, repeat if you need more than one field for your evaluations:

    function hideOrShowTabFromWholeNumberField(executionContext)


    var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();

    var tabObj = formContext.ui.tabs.get('DETAILS_TAB');

    var wholeNumberFieldValue = formContext.getAttribute('new_wholenumber');


    if (wholeNumberFieldValue.getValue() == 2)





    Just make sure to have that function loaded on the page you want to customize and that the function is set to fire "on load" or when the field changes or whatever :)

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