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Microsoft Guides Moving Anchor

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In Guides you can make a Holographic Anchor, you scan the physical object, which the hololens will recognize, and then it anchors that object.

I've tested this on an object that doesn't move, and it works perfectly.

But now I want to be able to work with it, in a place where the object slowly moves. That means that the anchor needs to move with the object, but Guides doesnt update anchors realtime.
You just scan it once and its locked.

Is there a solution for this problem, so that the anchor moves with the object?

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    Andrew.G 310 on at
    RE: Microsoft Guides Moving Anchor

    Guides does not support tracking moving objects of any type at this time.

    You could use a custom solution with a dynamic object recognizer to do this, or find some ways to work around the need for the anchor to travel with the object.

    Do you have specific need to anchor holograms onto the object while it is moving? Does the object move at a standardized rate? If so you can potentially work around your issues by using a custom animation that matches the moving rate of the object, and have your holographic content move via an animation at the same rate as the physical device. We have done this in the past for certain Guides, but getting it to work properly requires digging into the details of your exact need and has a variety of limitations.

    Another alternative is to have your Guide for this particular use case not anchor content onto the physical object, but just be a purely holographic or image/video based Guide. In this way you can still show the user the useful information they may need while they can keep their hands free to do the work, and then return to using anchored holograms when you are working with a static piece of equipment.

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    Eiken on at
    RE: Microsoft Guides Moving Anchor

    Hi Aithusa ,

    The Anchor supports large static objects only now.


    Please check it in the following official document.

    Anchor a guide in Dynamics 365 Guides by using Azure Object Anchors (Preview) - Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality | Microsoft Learn

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