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Enable Email Content from Knowledge Search results

Posted on by 49
Where does one enable the 'Email Content' option from the Knowledge Search feature? I am not using Case integration.
It is shown in this article, but I do not see it in my current configuration. I only have Favorite and Pop out as options. Is it a permission issue? I'm a Systems Administrator so that can't be it I don't think. Is the menu with Copy/Email considered a command, where would I go to alter/customize?
  • JustRhonda Profile Picture
    JustRhonda 49 on at
    Enable Email Content from Knowledge Search results
    Thank you for responding with another thing to check! I did go and enable the Allow Knowledge Management on the Knowledge Article Entity and Published. The only buttons I see is the Favorite (heart) and Pop-out. I don't see the 3 dots like in the examples provided. 😣 
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    RanjithK Profile Picture
    RanjithK 16 on at
    Enable Email Content from Knowledge Search results
    I agree with @Dengliang Li!

    To enable the option in any entity please go through following steps. 

    Login through your administration account.

    Make sure you are in customization mode.

    Select Advanced settings.

    Select Knowledge article entity or any particular entity. 

    Then in the end you can see "knowledge management" tick the box. 



    Or do it through power portal 

    Thank you. 

  • JustRhonda Profile Picture
    JustRhonda 49 on at
    Enable Email Content from Knowledge Search results
    I've continued my research into this issue and have 2 things that may be creating my issue:
    #1 The Knowledge Search component is on a Page in a Customized version of Customer Service, not a Form. 
    #2 Email is not functioning in our environment
    Can anyone confirm this might be the issue?
    I have read the shared article from @Dengliang_Li several times and it keeps referencing Form and Cases, but I'm not using Cases. 
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    Dengliang Li Profile Picture
    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Enable Email Content from Knowledge Search results
    This is also encountered by me in the Knowledge Search page. This may be due to a version update.
    However, when the Knowledge Search control is added to the form, the options are visible in the Knowledge Search results in the form.

    For more information on how to add the Knowledge Search control to a form, please refer to this official document:

     I hope my answer is helpful to you! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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