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Display Millisecond from time

Posted on by 910
Hi i'm working to get a date in a specific format now i can show for example : 2015-11-09 22:33:06
but i want that 2015-11-09 22:33:06.165

so how can i get Millisecond from time :
static void TimeJob(Args _args) { timeOfDay theTime = timeNow(); ; info( time2Str(theTime, TimeSeparator::Colon, TimeFormat::Hour24) ); }

but i want to get somthing like
  • ALAhmed Profile Picture
    ALAhmed 910 on at
    RE: Display Millisecond from time

    i thank it's work

    static void SauUtcDateTime(Args _args)


       utcDateTime             dateTime;

       TimeOfDay               timeNo=timeNow();

       str                     s,dateMillisecond;

       TimeInMS                startTime,endTime;

       startTime               = WinAPI::getTickCount();


       endTime                 = WinAPI::getTickCount();

       s = date2Str




           DateSeparator::Hyphen, // separator1


           DateSeparator::Hyphen, // separator2



       info(strFmt("dateTime == %1 %2.%3 ", s,time2str(timeNo,TimeSeparator::Colon,TimeFormat::Hour24),endTime-startTime));

       dateMillisecond = s+time2str(timeNo,TimeSeparator::Colon,TimeFormat::Hour24)+"."+int2str(endTime-startTime);

       info(strFmt("dateTime == %1 ",dateMillisecond));


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    Luiz Ventura Profile Picture
    Luiz Ventura 152 on at
    RE: Display Millisecond from time

    Hello, if you'll only display the time, maybe you can use winApi::getTickCount() to get the miliseconds, after that you can join the two pieces of information in a single string.

    Kind regards.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Display Millisecond from time

    timenow doesn't have milliseconds. It only contains the seconds since midnight. DateTime and UTCDateTime do have the miliseconds you want. I fyou want to time an operation in AX in milliseconds I suggest you look at: WinAPI::getTickCount();

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