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AR Batch split into two parts.

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Client has an AR batch that shows Unposted, but will not posted. Error says it's unbalanced. Looking at it in Init Mode, it appears balanced. However, the totals do NOT match the totals displaying in AR.


Digging a bit deeper, I found that the AR batch consisted of 38 invoices. Of the 38, only 15 actually released and created a batch in GLTran. The remaining 23 have the Rlsed field still set to 0. I've searched the Event Log folder and can find no reference to this batch. In my mind it should actually be Suspended.


I considered resetting the Batch.Status back to "B" and running the release process, but the fact that there are already GLTran records gives me pause. Has anyone ever run into this before? Or have suggestions on how to proceed?

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    RE: AR Batch split into two parts.


    I talked with a financial specialist and this is what we think:

    If they set the batch status back to B and try to release the batch again, they will get errors.  I would delete the unreleased invoices or update them with a bogus batch number like 999999, both the ardoc and artran records.  So that only the released documents remain in the unposted batch.  Then they can create a new batch record in AR invoice and memo, and whatever that batch number is, update the ardoc and artran records from batch number 999999 to whatever that new batch number is.  They will probably need to update the batch totals then to release those remaining invoices in the new batch.

    I’m not sure that will ‘fix’ the unposted batch though.  I don’t think it cares if there is anything in ardoc or artran that is unreleased.  It’s probably only looking at the batch and gltran records.  If this was a support case, I would have them run a debug on the ar batch so I could see the gltran records and total the amounts in Excel, by company.  The total of the debits and credits might equal, but they need to equal for each company distinct company.

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    RE: AR Batch split into two parts.

    Dear Stuart,

    You can release it from the Journal screen (after setting the status to Balanced/Hold and it should set the fields appropriately.

    Did you try and change the control total and have it recalculate?

    Best Regards,

    Jana MacDonald

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