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Uploading Data via Configuration package on Warehouse Item Journal Page

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I'm facing an issue with the Uploading of Opening Inventory..

I want to upload the Opening Inventory (It has Bins and Zones) Some of it are in ADJ & QC BINS..

Currently when i'm trying to upload the same in my Sandbox Environment through Warehouse Item Journal - i'm not able to and system is throwing me multiple error/s.

File is perfect. (let it be fields , Location, Item Code etc. Everything is perfect)

Issues which generated are mainly regarding the Adjustment BIN. And i'm not able to understand how come this is raising an issue as the Environment is almost new and only has few master data.

Is it possible for you to throw some light on the same ?



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    jerome77 on at
    RE: Uploading Data via Configuration package on Warehouse Item Journal Page


    This is opening inventory, why do you need to add qty to adjustment bin? If you try to post something using this bin into BC (not using config package) you will get an error message as we are not allowed to post directly here.

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