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Run Master planning on site based

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I have a scenario where the demand forecast will be generated/uploaded through excel into D365. 
These will be based on site and warehouse...
And the requirement is to
1. Run MRP as per site
2. View Planned orders as per site in seperate view (Based on user permissions to site)
3. Should be able to modify date, quantity in Planned orders
4. then Re run the MRP for the modified sites date.. 
My questions are:
1. Can I run MRP on site based to generate planned orders
2. Can I modify the generated planned orders, like change the qunatity and date, can I rereun the MRP for the modified planned order, so that the successive planned orders can reupdated with requried dates.. 
Thanks and Regards,
  • Run Master planning on site based
    Hi Kevin,
     Thanks for reply, we have enabled the parameters in the same way you mentioned, but I think I have missed this another scenario is.. 
    1. After run MRP, planned orders are generated based on site and warehouse
    2. Modify the planned production orders- Delivery date, quantity (reduce or increase or split)
    3. Should be able to run MRP for the changes done only.. 
    So, in this scenario any solution.. ?
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    Kevin Xia Profile Picture
    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Run Master planning on site based
    1. Run MRP as per Site:

      The system supports running Master Planning at the site level. You can configure Master Planning parameters to consider demand and generate planned orders based on the specific site and warehouse.
    2. View Planned Orders by Site:

      The system provides views and filters to display planned orders based on site and other criteria. Users can be given permissions to access specific sites, and based on these permissions, they will be able to view planned orders for the authorized sites.
    3. Modify Planned Orders:

      Yes, you can modify planned orders, including changing quantities and dates. Users with the appropriate permissions can adjust the details of planned orders to reflect changes in demand or other factors.
    4. Re-run MRP for Modified Planned Orders:

      After modifying planned orders, you can rerun the MRP process to update the subsequent planned orders based on the changes made. The system will consider the modified orders and regenerate the plan accordingly.
    Best regards,
  • André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,696 Super User on at
    Run Master planning on site based
    Hi Raghuram,
    What is your actual question? Is your question about restricting data for users per site? If so, you can implement a security policy using eXtensible Data Security XDS). I created an example for this on warehouse level before: Extensible Data Security examples - Secure by warehouse (

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