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Form Capture receive invalid submission?

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I'm using a form capture and it's hosted on external CMS, the point here that the form receiving all invalid submissions even if it's not submitted in the original form. for example: 

Using the form on WordPress> the email filed is set to denylist for un-business email like"yahoo, Gmail..etc">> when testing the form, this condition works well and I can't submit my info but as I'm capturing this, I see that the form on the dynamic receiving this invalid submission. How can I prevent the dynamic form from receiving invalid submissions? 

here's the script I'm using;

<script src="">
<div class="d365-mkt-config" style="display:none"

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    RE: Form Capture receive invalid submission?


    It is recommended to create a Flow to limit the submissions.

    Set the trigger of the Flow as a Marketing Form Submission record is created. (Or if your form is used to create a contact/ lead, you can set the trigger condition to the contact/ lead record being created.)

    Extract Email information from Submission (or get Email information from contact/lead records). If the email does not meet your criteria, delete the record along with the contact or lead it created.

    This will allow you to prevent these invalid submissions.


    If this helped you, I'd appreciate it if you'd mark this as a Verified Answer, which may in turn help others as well.

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