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Integration Manager - Sales Taxes Included

Posted on by 1,353

I'm looking for some advice.  I have a GP2018 site for which we are developing a Receivables Integration via IM.

It's a simple enough integration with a single invoice and distribution amount for each document.  My problem is that sales taxes are already included in the invoice amount.  As such I am using a script to back out the taxes, entering that amount as the document amount, and then assigning the proper tax schedule to the invoice. The process works for the most part, but on occasion leaves me with a penny rounding difference.  I've tried rounding the calculations, but am not finding a way of avoiding the occasional penny discrepancy.

Has anyone else ran into this scenario and have any suggestions as to how to work around?

Am open to suggestions.  Thank you.


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    JGarcia123 Profile Picture
    JGarcia123 1,353 on at
    RE: Integration Manager - Sales Taxes Included

    We've been able to arrive at a resolution for this issue.  In this case the customer was invoicing fixed amounts and only selected tax schedules were affected by the rounding.  

    As such we developed a script to add a penny to either the Miscellaneous charge or to the Trade Discount depending upon the direction of the rounding error.  The script was specific to affected tax schedules and amounts and as such was narrowly defined.


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    agaber Profile Picture
    agaber on at
    RE: Integration Manager - Sales Taxes Included

    Hello JG-

    Thank you for posting your question on the Forums.  I have not seen a way around this as you will need to make sure that your amounts equal to the penny when you are backing them out.  Let's see if anyone else in the community has any suggestions though.  Have a great day!

    Adam G.

    Microsoft Dynamics GP

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