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Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi All,

I would like to hide the "Show Diagram" and "Open Dashboard" buttons. For example I would like to do it for entity "accounts". I tried ribbon workbench. But I am not able to find the buttons anywhere. My suggestion would be the "chart pane" button in ApplicationRibbon. But this is not working. Has someone a better idea?

Best Regards,


  • Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button
    Error is - Managed Properties Error, You cannot complete this action for this component because of the configuration of its managed properties
  • Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button
    Hi @inksrm 
    I am not able to delete system dashboard for contact entity.
    I get the following error.
    could you please help me with this?
    Thank you

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    JJWILKI Profile Picture
    JJWILKI 1,332 on at
    RE: Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button

    Hi you can customise the ribbons on most entities using ribbon work bench, you may be able to hide them this way :

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    Inksrm Profile Picture
    Inksrm 712 on at
    RE: Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button

    The 'Open Dashboard' button opens up an entity specific dashboard. These entity specific dashboards come out-of-the-box with some of the standard entities, e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Quotes, Invoice and Opportunity. You can read more about these dashboards here:  

    One way to get rid of the 'Open Dashboard' button is to delete the dashboard for that entity, but obviously you should think about this carefully before you delete anything and take a backup of the dashboard in another solution before you delete.

    I tried removing all the security roles assigned to the dashboard, but there must be at least one dashboard which is enabled for fallback, so you can't uncheck that box if there are no other dashboards enabled for fallback.

    I tried this and it worked successfully for me and the 'Open Dashboard' button is gone.

    To find the entity specific dashboard, open the default solution, find the entity you want and expand it, click on Dashboards and the dashboard will be there (see below).


    Regarding the 'Show Charts' button, you could try the same thing, by deleting all System Charts for that specific entity but always remember to take a backup first and discuss with your client if it's that big of an issue if the button is still there.

  • Michal Abraham Profile Picture
    Michal Abraham 385 on at
    RE: Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button


    is there any update regarding this issue? I am facing the same.


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    RaviKashyap Profile Picture
    RaviKashyap 55,406 on at
    RE: Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button

    Okay, yes these are OOB button "Show Chart" & "Open Dashboard" and you are correct these are not visible in Application ribbon. This may be because these are only applicable to unified interface.

    I don't think there is any way to hide these button. You can open a ticket with Microsoft Support to see if there is any alternate way.

    Hope this helps.

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button


    thanks for reply. I would like to hide the following buttons:


    These are OOTB buttons. The first one appeards in every entity. In custom entities, too. Html code of the first button is the following:

    <button tabindex="-1" class="ak ic cn n m ii q bg bh flexbox" aria-hidden="true" aria-label="Diagramm anzeigen" type="button" data-id="ShowChartPane" data-lp-id="HomePageGrid:contact-ShowChartPane"><span class="dg w a es "><span class="et ec ij fw k "><span class="symbolFont SelectChart-symbol ij de k dd "></span></span><span tabindex="-1" class="ec k ij ar e ax ik bs " aria-label="Diagramm anzeigen">Diagramm anzeigen</span></span></button>

    After I was not able to find the buttons in ribbon workbench I tried to hide the button, to use the following CustomAction:

    <HideCustomAction HideActionId="" Location="new.Mscrm.HomePageGrid.new_forderung.ShowChartPane" />

    Best Regards,


  • LeoAlt Profile Picture
    LeoAlt 16,327 on at
    RE: Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button

    Hi Marek,

    Are these two buttons custom buttons?

    You should make sure which form level these buttons are in, Entity or Form?

    In addition, can you kindly share more details?

    Best Regards


  • RaviKashyap Profile Picture
    RaviKashyap 55,406 on at
    RE: Hide Dashboard & Diagram Button


    Can you share a screenshot? I don;t think these are out of box button.

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