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Best application for creating a form for internal company usage

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I need advice on which Microsoft application to use for creating a Form to be used by internal stakeholders for a numerous subject. One is to set up a new company.  
The Form is intended to be placed on the company intranet where it is accessible.
Whoever needs to set up a new company will be required to fill in a few questions and once submitted, my department (few of us) will receive the request notification (via email).
Ideally, the questions posted on the Form can be expanded, e.g. when the requestor completed the field /amount of capital/ with $$ amount, the field will expand to ask the next question say, /shareholder structure/.  However, if the answer to /amount of capital/ is left blank, or /to be advised/ or /not sure/, then the field will not expand.

Appreciate if you could recommend the appropriate Microsoft application for my need.  Thank you!
Wen Choo
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    Haig Liu Profile Picture
    Haig Liu Microsoft Employee on at
    Best application for creating a form for internal company usage
    Hi Partner,
    First I need to clarify your requirements:
    1. Send email on form submission.
    2. Hide/show next field based on previous field value.
    If you don't have a strong requirement for hosting forms on a non-CRM website, both requirements can be realized in either application:
    1. Using a workflow, after filling the form and selecting Save, the record will be created, which triggers the action to send the email.
    2. Using the form load event (OnLoad/OnSave/OnChange), the hidden field below will display when the previous field value matches the condition.
    If you strongly want to place your designed forms on a non-CRM page,
    I recommend using Dynamic 365 Marketing, which allows you to host your designed marketing forms on an external website.
    But with this method you will have to customize JavaScript to show/hide fields on the form based on conditions.
    Best Regards,
    Haig Liu
  • abm abm Profile Picture
    abm abm 31 on at
    Best application for creating a form for internal company usage
    There are different possibilities there. Its all depends on how much automation you want. Where you would like to store this info once the user submitted the form or you looking an email notification only?

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