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Manager Sales order and Jobs.

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I would like to get some advises on how to manage Sales Order with jobs.
Here is the context:
We provide bookkeeping and accounting service based on accounting lines. We work on really micro projects of few hours each month but during one year. Ea

We use project management where we create monthly task representing all the work made by accountant and bookkeeper, that help to follow hours spend on each task. So these lines are “budget type”.

with customer, we define a number of accounting lines to be worked, and it is in that base we create our sales order :
The number of accounting lines define a price.
the price is divided by the price of the resources that will work on these lines
As result we have a time amount that is distributed between the accounting tasks.

Now, I’m stuck with what could be the best strategy to link the sales order and the related job.

I thought about a simple table relation between sales order and job in a new field in each card (sales order, and job), but as newbie in business central logics, i felt that is not enough to get a strong business logics, and i need that behavior to impact efficiently the system.

During my research, for test purpose, I created a G.L Accounts for the lines, and I’m able to post number of lines worked into job ledger entries.

I absolutely need to create some links between sales order / Jobs, so that I will be able to create opportunities, sales quotes and sales orders.

As you could understand, for me it is not acceptable to create sales invoice from job planning lines for this specific kind of work, as long as it is micro task (from 15 min to 2 hours), we have nearly 100 task by jobs, and we have 1500 project by years..

In another hand, i use the job planning lines invoices for others kind of work, like consultancy, having consistent task (min 8 hours)

Hope I’m clear enough. Please feel free to ask more details if needed.

Thanks for all in advance,


  • Hicham OE Profile Picture
    Hicham OE 105 on at
    RE: Manager Sales order and Jobs.

    Hi Steven, thank you for you reply, and, after going through the useful app shown by MahGah, "an issue had been thrown". Let me explain quickly :

    For each question, i get very good ideas in communities, and Experts direct me to right apps, so i have to deal with too much apps from where i can get good idea and inspirations. But it turns difficult  from business point of vew to deal with too much apps... more than 2 apps is the beginning of more issues.

    I think that i need to go through deeper customizations.

    To deal with this question (sales order / jobs), i finally deal with the same functionnality as we can meet into Sales Headers with Campaign No Attribute (kind of default dimensions). My company is using almost budget Planning lines, so It is not a real probleme to have a corresponding invoice for a job ( from my pov, but i can be wrong on this question)

    As second step in this plan, I will create a tablelink between sales order and jobs that will make create a specific link betweens these objects.

    if you have any advice about this solution, please kindly tell us.

    Best regards,


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    Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: Manager Sales order and Jobs.


    Other than applying Billable Planning Lines, which sounds like you do not want to utilize this and is time consuming, I would lean towards the APP MahGah presented. I have not used this personally but it sounds interesting to get a demo. If the APP does not work, then I would contact your Partner to create a customization.

    Hope this helps.



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    MahGah Profile Picture
    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: Manager Sales order and Jobs.

    You are welcome. Please post the result here just in case if someone else has the similar requirements.

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    Hicham OE Profile Picture
    Hicham OE 105 on at
    RE: Manager Sales order and Jobs.

    Hi MahGah, the app is really helpfull for me. I'm focusing on it. Thank you very much :)

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    MahGah Profile Picture
    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: Manager Sales order and Jobs.


    Can you look into the following app and see if it is close to what you need? As Kim said this require customization but if the following app works then you do not need customization and you have support from app developer.

    That being said  and S.Kawamura  may have a different solution.|AID.1003|PAPPID.8d7daed1-e57f-4263-b879-5386d9104150

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    Dallefeld Profile Picture
    Dallefeld 11,415 UG Leader on at
    RE: Manager Sales order and Jobs.

    I think you will need a customization. Nothing in standard BC is going to do what you are looking to do.

    Is there anyway that you can assign a price to each micro tasks?

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