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Collection Process Automation Stuck in Scheduled Status

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I have set up collection process automation and enabled it. After the process automation has been set up, the respective occurrences are created accordingly, based on schedule.

However, I have noticed that the occurrences are stuck in "Scheduled" status, even those that have already expired. I don't get the emails and no results for the occurrence either. When I view the process automations occurrences, all are in "Scheduled" status. 

This functionality was working fine in our initial UAT environment but no longer seems to work after we restored a copy of Gold to UAT and redoing the related configurations like the email templates, customer pools, collection process set up, process automation and etc.

I retried resetting up the collection process automation occurrences several times already - all of which become stuck in "Scheduled" and are not running as expected, even though there are valid transactions for email generated when simulating the collection process results.

Thanks for the help!

  • Suggested answer
    Thokm33 Profile Picture
    Thokm33 21 on at
    RE: Collection Process Automation Stuck in Scheduled Status

    Hello, I had the same issue in a lower-environment (Process automations were stuck in Scheduled status), and in our case, it was because the "Process automation polling system job" batch job was in a Status of "Withhold". Changing it to Waiting fixed the issue.



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    Abigail Verano Profile Picture
    Abigail Verano 115 on at
    RE: Collection Process Automation Stuck in Scheduled Status

    The batch job got corrupted when we did a system restore causing it to be stuck. We fixed the batch jobs and it was ok.

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