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Remote Assist Attach to Field Service Attach?

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I have a client arguing that they can attach Remote Assist to Field Service attached to Customer Service... Customer Service serves as the base license, they attach Field Service at the discounted price, then they attached Remote Assist to Field Service Attach. I have explained that this is not how the base + attach model is designed and that this is technically out of compliance and could be flagged in a licensing audit. I could not find anything explicitly stating that an attach license could attach to another attach. I dont know if this is a scenario for any other licenses but they seem to have found a work around. Is this correct that they can and should be able to attach Remote Assist to Field Service Attach?


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    ConnorD365Insight 120 on at
    RE: Remote Assist Attach to Field Service Attach?

    The customer was able to purchase remote assist attach and assign it to the user with Field Service attach. I also was rethinking it from a pricing point of view and it actually works out the same if you changed the base to Field Service then attached Customer Service and Remote Assist with the attach pricing. So, it worked out as they originally intended. Thanks for the reply.

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    BogdanB on at
    RE: Remote Assist Attach to Field Service Attach?

    Hi ConnorD365Insight,

    I believe you're correct, and the intended use is to attach RA license to the base FS license, but unfortunately I'm not sure whether the scenario mentioned but user is or isn't possible/supported... Did the customer confirm that this worked for them?

    For the combination of products in question here, the recommended approach would be:

    - Customer Service base license

    - Field Service Attach

    - Remote Assist Attach

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