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Embed Customer Voice within Microsoft Teams

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We are planning to use Customer Voice as an internal survey tool to capture service requests from multiple users across multiple line of business. We had planned to embed the service request form within a number of Teams sites across the business, but are unable to find a way to do that. The only option available is to embed Forms rather than Customer Voice survey. 

is anyone able to help me understand how we can achieve this? 

One option I had considered was embedding the Customer Voice form within SharePoint Online and then embedding the SharePoint page in Teams. This seems a long way around... 

Many thanks 

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    Arjun N on at
    RE: Embed Customer Voice within Microsoft Teams


    Have you tried using iFrame to embed the survey ? The below is a sample iframe code:

    <iframe height="<height_in_pixel>" width="<width_in_pixel>" src=" <survey_id>&embed=true&compact=<is_compact>&lang=<language_code>&ctx=<survey_variable_object>"></iframe>

    where the survey_id is the id of the survey and compact having value of True or False, Language Code is the language code you want to render the survey in (can be obtained from multi-lingual setting when you download the excel file) and ctx are context variables that can be piped in ctx={"First Name":"John","Last Name":"Doe","locale":"en-us"}  in this format of variable : value. You can reach out to us at if you want to followup or have additional questions.



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