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Staffing Suggestions - Payroll Connection to Customer

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Hey guys,

I wanted to see if anyone here may have some suggestions for us. We have a client that runs a staffing business. Their staffing is done outside of GP and we just receive an import with the employee and the hours worked. We then process it through GP. We want to be able to note (in the GL) which customer that employee was working for. We have discussed using the gl and setting up a segment for customers. The only problem I see with this is that gl accounts in payroll are defaulted by branch and position. Those things don't reflect what customer they work for. An employee doesn't always work for the same customer and may be re-assigned somewhere else. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? At this point, I don't think we are looking to directly connect it with the customers in GP. As long as we have the gl accounts reflect the right numbers then we should be good. 



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    Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Staffing Suggestions - Payroll Connection to Customer

    This is an interesting question for sure, I'm trying to think a good way to do this as you indicated.

    You stated the trx comes to payroll with employee and hours worked and I'm assuming a pay code, position and department.

    When this is paid out it goes into GL accounts but a lot of the above could be lost and you want to track in GL which customer the employee worked for, so the question is what is a customer in the system based on the GL account?  Are you using Department or Position?  Could you use one of those as the customer?  Then when the import comes in it would be the right department in your case customer.  The employee may work 20 hours at Customer/Department A and 20 hours at Customer/Department B, then it would post to those GL accounts.

    If that does not work, you could maybe look at extender from eOne that would track this for you and have it in a table.

    Just a thought, thanks

    Terry Heley


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