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Action entering same value for all records with Action on List Page- BC Dev

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This is for developers to take a look at and see if they have encountered this problem. Long story short, I have this action on the list page for the Warehouse Picks (Warehouse Activity header table) and when using this code for the onaftergetrecord trigger it works just fine, but when using it for an action on the list page, it does not work the same. This issue doesn't arise when you can use the onaftergetrecord trigger like I mentioned, but in this case I need to use an action to actually enter the data into the fields, which is why this is an issue..

Anyways, what it SHOULD be doing (imo) is going through each record in the WAH, and doing the calculation for the respective record (like it does for the onaftergetrecord trigger). Instead, with an action, it is using the record that is highlighted on the page, and then the value for each record then is based on the record highlighted, not the respective record. 

Any ideas would be appreciated on how I could the get the WAL No. to be filtered based on the respective record WAH No., not just filtering the WAL No. with the same WAH No. that is selected on the page. I've done this plenty of times with similar requirements, but this one is a little trickier when it shouldn't be..