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Creating Word Template for Check Remittance

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Posted on by UG Leader


The GP 2018 end user does not have a modified Report Writer Check Remittance nor a modified Word Template for the Check Remittance.  But, the end user wants to add a block of text underneath where the vendor name and address displays on the Check Remittance that is printed in Word.

So, I'm going to take the following steps in GP's Report Template Maintenance:

(1) create an "Original" Word Template from a copy of "Check Remittance*",

(2) choose "Modify",

(3) turn on Word's borders feature,

(4) insert the block of text in Word,

(5) save,

(6) import that template from Word,

(7) set that template as the default for the test company,

(8) have the end user test,

(9) get approval, and

(10)make the template the default for the live company.

Are there any steps that I'm missing?  Does my idea for the design of the template, in terms of adding the block of text, make sense?