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Calculating BOM Missing Number

Posted on by 1,622

Has anyone else seen this error message?  And what did you do?  I have tried searching the web and used the debugger and I'm at a standstill on what is missing.  It seems like something is just off.MissingNumber.jpg

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    Aparisi82 2,147 on at
    Calculating BOM Missing Number
    @fac.ansel Thank you very much for this.. You let me save days of troubleshooting
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    jconerp1 on at
    RE: Calculating BOM Missing Number

    A phantom should not require a route - if this is really the issue then Microsoft needs to fix this as that would be a bug.  

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Calculating BOM Missing Number

    We have seen this issue in our live system because of which the entire business was stuck as the BOM calculation was not happening.

    After doing the root cause analysis of this incident, we identified that there were some set of items which were changed from being Item type "Item" to "Phantom" and there was no route specified on some of them.

    After clearly defining the route on all such items, BOM calculation was successful. 

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    RE: Calculating BOM Missing Number

    I have seen it in D3FO / AX7. The reason was a Released product without neither setup time nor runtime in the Route.

    It was in combination with a Phantom route in the structure, but the issue was noy the Phantom Route, but the top level route.

    It was able to calculate a price in a Planned Cost version, but not in a Standard Cost costing version.

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    FAC.Ansel 1,622 on at
    RE: Calculating BOM Missing Number

    I found the issue and hopefully this will help someone in the future when you get the very vague error message "Missing Number".

    The reason I got this message is that there was a Phantom Subassembly on the BOM that had a route attached to it.  In AX, you must put the route on the top level assembly and leave the Phantom Blank.  After removing the Route, the cost rolled as it should.

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    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Calculating BOM Missing Number

    Hi Ansel, Could you possibly provide some additional Information on your BOM especially the item number 8340-001? Possibly post a screen-print of the BOM and let us know how your BOM and the items included are setup from a costing perspective (Standard costing, moving average, FIFO, LIFO). Maybe you simply forgot setting up a cost price. I think every additional Information helps. Thanks, Ludwig

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