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Sales Order Virtual table not listening to Business Events?

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I have recently moved from Quickbooks to Business Central in order to integrate with Dynamics 365 for Sales.  I used the assisted setup to do my first integration.  After running assisted setup I noticed that the Sales Order and Order Product tables were not visible in Dataverse.  After a couple of attempts at re-running the assisted setup, I finally went to the Available tables to mark them as visible and by following several setup guides.  Now when I create a sales order in BC the sales order populates as expected in D365 Sales.  But the reverse is not true.

The Dataverse to Sales Header job will run without error and the synchronization log actually shows that the record was inserted, but the sales order virtual table never populates.  I am wondering if the Virtual table is not listening for the Business Events.  I cannot seem to get any further with this integration.  But the whole point of moving systems was to integrate the ordering process.

Any Thoughts?  I am a newbie, but desperate to get this running.