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Update line item in salesOrder

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I want to update quantity line by using Software Development Kits ( SDk )  for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018  
when update line that occured  an error :

 Error : Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PKAAG20000'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.AAG20000'. The duplicate key value is (357112).

why? and how fix error ??

used Code : 
                string connectionStringGP = @/Data Source=.;Initial Catalog=test ;persist security info=False;/;
                using (eConnectMethods eConnect = new eConnectMethods())
                    eConnectType eConnectTypeSalesTransaction = new eConnectType();
                    eConnectOut eConnectOut1 = new eConnectOut()
                        DOCTYPE = /Sales_Transaction/, // Specify the type of document you want to retrieve
                        OUTPUTTYPE = 2, // Specify output type: 2 for XML
                        INDEX1FROM =/CON/2300034/ , ///CON/2400006/  // Specify the start index
                        INDEX1TO =/CON/2300034/ ,// /CON/2400006/// Specify the end index
                        FORLIST = 1, // Specify 1 to retrieve a list
                    eConnectTypeSalesTransaction.RQeConnectOutType = new RQeConnectOutType[] { new RQeConnectOutType() { eConnectOut = eConnectOut1 } };
                    string xmlSopTransaction = SerializeObject(eConnectTypeSalesTransaction);
                    //Call the GetEntity method to retrieve data
                    string response = eConnect.GetEntity(connectionStringGP, xmlSopTransaction);
                    //Console.WriteLine($///r/Data retrieved First :/{response} //r/ ________________________________________________/);
                    //  Deserialize the XML string into objects
                    Root root = DeserializeFromXml<Root>(response);
                    //  Update the object properties as needed
                    #region Update Sales Transaction 
                    taSopHdrIvcInsert sopHdrIvc = new taSopHdrIvcInsert();
                    sopHdrIvc.SOPNUMBE = root.EConnect.SOTrans.SOPNUMBE;
                    sopHdrIvc.SOPTYPE = root.EConnect.SOTrans.SOPTYPE;
                    sopHdrIvc.DOCID = root.EConnect.SOTrans.DOCID;
                    sopHdrIvc.CUSTNMBR = root.EConnect.SOTrans.CUSTNMBR;
                    sopHdrIvc.DOCDATE = root.EConnect.SOTrans.DOCDATE;
                    sopHdrIvc.BACHNUMB = root.EConnect.SOTrans.BACHNUMB;
                    sopHdrIvc.UpdateExisting = 1;
                    taSopLineIvcInsert_ItemsTaSopLineIvcInsert sopLine = new taSopLineIvcInsert_ItemsTaSopLineIvcInsert();
                    sopLine.SOPTYPE = root.EConnect.SOTrans.Lines[0].SOPTYPE;
                    sopLine.CUSTNMBR = root.EConnect.SOTrans.CUSTNMBR;
                    sopLine.QUANTITY = 9; //9root.EConnect.SOTrans.Lines[0].QUANTITY;
                    sopLine.DOCDATE = root.EConnect.SOTrans.DOCDATE;
                    sopLine.ITEMNMBR = root.EConnect.SOTrans.Lines[0].ITEMNMBR;
                    sopLine.SOPNUMBE = root.EConnect.SOTrans.Lines[0].SOPNUMBE;
                    sopLine.LNITMSEQ = root.EConnect.SOTrans.Lines[0].LNITMSEQ;
                    sopLine.LOCNCODE = root.EConnect.SOTrans.Lines[0].LOCNCODE;
                    taSopLineIvcInsert_ItemsTaSopLineIvcInsert[] sopLines = new taSopLineIvcInsert_ItemsTaSopLineIvcInsert[] { sopLine };
                    eConnectType updateSOPTransactionType = new eConnectType();
                    updateSOPTransactionType.SOPTransactionType = new SOPTransactionType[]
                        new SOPTransactionType()
                            taSopHdrIvcInsert = sopHdrIvc,
                            taSopLineIvcInsert_Items = sopLines,
                    var updatedXmlString = SerializeObject(updateSOPTransactionType);
                    var updatedResponse = eConnect.UpdateTransactionEntity(connectionStringGP, updatedXmlString);
                    //var updatedResponse = eConnect.DeleteTransactionEntity(connectionStringGP, updatedXmlString);
                     string response2 = eConnect.GetEntity(connectionStringGP, xmlSopTransaction);
                    Console.WriteLine($///r/Data retrieved After :/{response2} //r/ _______________________________/);
            catch (Exception ex)
                Console.WriteLine(/Error: / + ex.Message);

  • Update line item in salesOrder
    I know this to handle ,table by sql query update .

    but I want to handle this error by using SDK .
    how do this?
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    Lisa at Profile Picture
    Lisa at 2,960 on at
  • Update line item in salesOrder
    why SDK try to insert in table 'dbo.AAG20000' but I want to update line in an sales order .
    this flag that known that , 1 if exist line update it , 2 if not exist line insert it 
    by using this function , 'UpdateTransactionEntity',  
       var updatedResponse = eConnect.UpdateTransactionEntity(connectionStringGP, updatedXmlString);

    also when try delete a line item , occured the same error  : 
    Error : Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PKAAG20000'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.AAG20000'. The duplicate key value is (357112).

    I don't understand , how fix this error ?
  • Judy Profile Picture
    Judy on at
    Update line item in salesOrder
    Hi, for the error message, you cannot enter a second PK that has the same value.
    You can debug the code to look at your values and how you insert them to the database.

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