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Fixed Asset Acquisition Error

Posted on by 200


When I post the acquisition, I have been getting this below error,  I was posted some of the acquisition entry but i did not get below error, more over, all dimension checked and given in the acquisition entry. Any idea?


Voucher FAACQ000000006
Voucher FAACQ000000006
You must select a value in the Sector field in combination with the following dimensions values that are valid:
MainAccount 12008.
Unit <blank>.
Site <blank>.
Department <blank>.
Activity <blank>.
Asset 10109-002.
Contract <blank>.
Bank <blank>.
Project <blank>.
Event <blank>.
Dimension values were validated with this advanced rule structure: SCT-UNT-SIT-DPT
Ledger account validated using 12008------10109-002----, Record Id: 5637155057
Account number for transaction type Error account does not exist.
  • sk.patchai Profile Picture
    sk.patchai 200 on at
    RE: Fixed Asset Acquisition Error

    Thank you, I fixed this issue .

  • Suggested answer
    André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,995 Super User on at
    RE: Fixed Asset Acquisition Error

    HI sk.patchai,

    Is the Sector field a dimension in your environment? The error is not mentioning this dimension. Like MYGz mentioned, check your accounting structure.

    In addition, check if you have advanced rules which might require this dimension in addition. If that is the case, you need to check if this dimension is possible to use on the journal entry. The dimension entry control supports 10 segments. If Sector is an 11th one, you have a wrong configuration. In that case, you need to review if you can create a new accounting structure where some dimensions with blank values can be left out.

  • MYGz Profile Picture
    MYGz 1,794 on at
    RE: Fixed Asset Acquisition Error

    You can check few things:

    1. Check your Account Structure if the Dimension values you are entering fits one of the rules.

    2. Check the Fixed Assets Posting Profile. Check if the Acquisition account is defined for the Fixed Asset Group.

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