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Automatic Case Update Alerts

Posted on by 241

Hi All,

I'm looking to create alerts based on a case record getting an update or email.

So far I've been trying to create a workflow but I've been unable to find suitable options.

I did notice that there are Case update and Creation Rules within Service Management, but I can't find anything suitable there even when I don't get any UCI errors loading the form.



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    MikeC282 Profile Picture
    MikeC282 2,068 on at
    RE: Automatic Case Update Alerts

    Hi Sam,

    I don't think it's possible to determine what fields were changed but you can set the flow to only trigger if specific fields change on the case as opposed to any.

    The only thing I can think of potentially and I haven't tested it is to turn on audit logs in Dynamics and somehow get the audit log values in the flow. Again haven't tested it or even sure that would work.

    If you're sending the email through a Power Automate flow.

    You need to create the email record first. Ensure you use the CDS (current environment) connectors. Set the From and To fields but also ensure you prefix it with for example:

    systemusers(guid of the system user) or contacts(guid of the contact).

    To actually send the email you need to call a bound action, linked to the email entity. There's a flow step called call a bound action under CDS. You'll basically add the GUID of the email you created in the previous step in.

  • Sam Conroy Profile Picture
    Sam Conroy 241 on at
    RE: Automatic Case Update Alerts

    Thanks, I think this is what I'm looking for.

    I just created the Flow and set it to trigger an email based off a case update but is there a way to get flow to recognise what has been changed and then send the notification?

    I also had an issue with the email as I need it to go to the case owner but it seems to fail when using the owner value from the CDS. I can probably figure that part out but the update email with update content are still evading me :)



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    Bipin D365 Profile Picture
    Bipin D365 28,960 Super User on at
    RE: Automatic Case Update Alerts


    You can create OOb workflow . And set trigger point as When record field is changed here select list of fields for which you want to send alert when it gets updated on case.

    Please mark my answer verified if i were helpful

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    MikeC282 Profile Picture
    MikeC282 2,068 on at
    RE: Automatic Case Update Alerts

    When you say alert do you mean a email alert to yourself or the owner of the case. You can look at Power Automate and have it triggered on Case create and update. You can also set another flow triggering on email create and if the regarding field of the email relates to a case.

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