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AIF - XML Data Exchange (B2MML scheme)

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i'm pretty new on AIF and unfortunately i don't really get it.


System: AX 2012

I have a developed a staging table for data exchange with an external system (custom two table hierachie with header and position values... pretty similar to salestable /salesline).

The data will be exchanged with xml files in B2MML scheme.

Furthermore the data exchange will be bi-directional so i have to export and import those xml files.

What's the way to go here?

Should i use AIF  - even if it's outdated in D365 ?

If so... how can I achieve the xml translation? I couldn't find something helpful in web so far. I did an tutorial for a simple document service outbound port with a query. That worked, but I don't realize how to translate the xml into the B2MML scheme. 

Or should i develop the xml export by myself with an simple batch job?

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    RE: AIF - XML Data Exchange (B2MML scheme)

    You can read more about transformations of AIF messages in About the AIF Pipeline and Transforms.

    You can use either XSLT or a custom .NET library. When transforming one XML format to another, XSLT is a natural choice. Knowing XSLT is very useful if you work on integration projects, but it might take some time to get used to its philosophy, if you're not familiar with things like pattern matching.

    In D365FO, you'll have to replace AIF documents with data entites and update your transformations.

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    RE: AIF - XML Data Exchange (B2MML scheme)

    AIF is indeed deprecated in D365, but in AX2012 it might be your best option. Other option would be Data Import / Export Framework. But even that's not 1:1 compatible with DIXF in D365.

    In either case, you need to transform the XML into a format that AX understands. In AIF you can apply XSLT file in the AIF endpoint. Other option is to transform the file before it's sent to AX (and after file is exported from AX in export scenario).

    This part is not at all specific to AX, so you can use any solution to transform the file.

    Often an integration platform such as Biztalk or LogicApps is used to transfer messages between systems and handle transformations.

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