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Internal User Management - UPN Management

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Hi All,

I have recently moved to utilise D365 Service as an IT Ticket system. I have now developed a Portal to allow users to manage their cases. However for the users to access the portal they will need to create a profile and have a token for log in. This doesn't feel right as I would hope that users can access the portal using UPN and their normal O365 log in / password. 

There is the Azure AD Login button, however this creates a brand new contact in the D365 Contact. Currently I have manually created the users in D365 Contacts which comes with it's own draw backs of management. 

My questions, is there any guidance documents for best practice internal user set in D365? Is it possible to link directly to the internal AD for active users?  


  • Leah Ju Profile Picture
    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Internal User Management - UPN Management


    It does not seem feasible.

    Perhaps you could consider merging duplicate records?

  • SDH_84 Profile Picture
    SDH_84 5 on at
    RE: Internal User Management - UPN Management

    Thanks Leah for the information above.

    One further question,

    Under Portal Contact - Web Authentication in D365 - If I add the User Guid from AD into 'User Name' and the Portal Site identity provider   can this be a potential work around to duplicating records?

    Many thanks

  • Verified answer
    Leah Ju Profile Picture
    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Internal User Management - UPN Management

    Hi Partner,

    Unfortunately, it is impossible.

    In fact, User information in Power Pages(portal) is stored as contact records in Dataverse. 

    Portal login doesn't require any D365 licenses and it won't differentiate between users and customers, so all logins will create new contacts even for licenses users.

    Either you use the Azure AD Login button, or you create contacts for these internal users and then invite them to:

    Also, you can refer to the following link: 

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