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Purchase Orders Overwriting?

Posted on by 571
Originally when we launched with our BC 365 SaaS production company I ported in a batch of purchase headers and lines through a configuration package. Now it seems that when staff are creating new purchase orders, the document numbers are falling back to the existing Purchase Order Nos. that already exist. So apparently the old orders are being overwritten. 
Below is a screen shot of how we have the No. Series defined for Purchase Orders. I had to check the Manual Nos. option to allow us to define the Purchase Order Nos. when importing in the initial batch. But I'd assume that the Default Nos. option being enabled would automatically increment the numbering of new documents. I must say I did not see what the Last No. Used value was after the initial import. 
Is this behavior normal? I haven't tested over in our sandbox environments, but I'd assume that using a configuration package to import in our purchase headers and lines would automatically increment after completed, so the Last No. Used field value would be higher.
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    Greg Kujawa 571 on at
    Purchase Orders Overwriting?
    Thanks for the replies! I will keep in mind that importing in new records via the configuration packages won't update the Last No. Used values. So I'll need to manually reset that once the import has completed. The imported records were fine and we were receiving against those purchase orders okay. I just think it's odd that if a user is creating a new purchase order in the web UI and an already-used Purchase Order No. is pulled in that no error is thrown. But I'll file this one away for future reference!
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    Jun Wang 5,528 Super User on at
    Purchase Orders Overwriting?
    did you find out why they are recreating the orders if already been imported? Maybe those imported orders have trouble to be processes due to certain reasons.
    I'll recommend to review those orders and find a strategy to fix besides the numbering thing.
    Jun Wang
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    Valentin Castravet 7,399 Super User on at
    Purchase Orders Overwriting?
    This is normal behavior. If you manually create purchase orders using a configuration package the system doesn't make the connection to update the number series for you.
    In the number series page you have to update the Last No. Used field. In your screenshot the last number used for purchase orders is PO100051, so the system will use this numbers to create the next purchase order as PO100052 and so on.  You have to update this field now, and any time in the future you create records using configuration packages. 
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    Greg Kujawa 571 on at
    Purchase Orders Overwriting?
    For a tangible example, below is a screen shot of the current Purchase Order No. PO100033. Created on 5/6/2024. Along with a Posted Purchase Invoice that was posted back on 3/31/2024, pulled from this same purchase order. Totally different vendor and purchase lines compared to the purchase order that's sitting there now in May. 

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