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Invalid Mixing of Accounts Type

Posted on by 1,360

I have a site that inadvertently created a GL account "32175" as an income account type instead of a liability.  As a result they are unable to add additional liability accounts above that number.  Further compounding the issue a Journal was posted against the account leaving an audit trail.  Is there a creative way to back out that journal and change the account to a liability?  Please advise.  Look forward to a reply.


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    JGarcia123 1,360 on at
    RE: Invalid Mixing of Accounts Type

    Appreciate all the feedback.  Turns out the client had access to keychange, so we were able to do a quick fix by changing and reclassing the account.

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    MARC_ 618 on at
    RE: Invalid Mixing of Accounts Type

    I would do a reversing GL entry to zero it out; then use Keychange or Professional Tools (depending on what they have) to change the number to fit into the proper income area in their COA structure; set it to inactive.

    Then create a new 32175 as a liability. 


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