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Dynamics 365 marketing events - waitlist management

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Hi there,
When setting up an event via Marketing 365 with waitlist functionality, there are a number of options for managing the waitlist.
We have opted to not automatically register waitlist contacts once a slot becomes available, but to send them an invitation so that they can register themselves if they are still interested.
We'd like to give waitlist registrants a fair chance to register, i.e. /first come first serve/ basis. We have therefore selected to send out 1 x invitation per timeslot using the out of the box settings.
We managed to set-up a Real Time Marketing e-mail via trigger to invite waitlist registrants once a slot becomes available.
The issue:
If the waitlist contact does not register within 24 hours of the invitation being sent, we would like to invite the next person in line on the waitlist to register.
This process should repeat until all available slots are /automatically/ filled.
If further slots become available, waitlist contacts who have already been sent an invitation should not be contacted again, as this could be experienced as spam.
Is there a clever way to achieve this 'out of the box' using Real Time Marketing triggers/conditions?
Thanks in advance for sharing tips/tricks.
Best regards,
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    Haig Liu Profile Picture
    Haig Liu Microsoft Employee on at
    Dynamics 365 marketing events - waitlist management
    Hi Tanya,
    You can set a wait action to ensure that only one email will be sent within 24 hours.
    Both trigger-based and segment-based journeys ensure that users don't go through the same journey,
    but neither of them can determine whether or not to register to prevent/allow the next user to start the journey.
    Best Regards,
    Haig Liu

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