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VAT Declaration for Belgium

Posted on by Microsoft Employee


I have set up VAT for Belgium, including the Sales tax reporting codes.

When I try to run the VAT declaration from GL / Periodic / Sales tax payments (as I do for countries I am more familiar with, like France or UK) I am told "The corresponding layout is set to the Belgian layout. Run Belgian sales tax reporting instead."

Fair enough, but when I open the report (GL / Reports / External / Sales Tax Payments) the form is empty, and I don't see any place to enter the parameters (the date range I want to enter).

I feel like I am missing a step in the procedure, so :

* How do I print the VAT declaration for Belgium

* Once I have done this, how do I "setlle" the VAT ?

Thanks all

  • XavierF Profile Picture
    XavierF 52 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    It turns out that, in AX2012, Belgian enterprise number has to be filled in the legal entity, FastTab "Statutory Reporting". This is different procedure than D365FO.

  • XavierF Profile Picture
    XavierF 52 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    Hi CapsLock,

    Were you able to solve this?

  • CapsLock Profile Picture
    CapsLock 1,351 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    I'm also trying to run my INTERVAT tax declaration for a Belgium entity and get the error "Enterprise number missing". 


    The legal entity where I am trying to report from, has this number informed: 


    The customer also has this number filled: 


    Any ideas what can I be missing? 

  • Sanie Profile Picture
    Sanie 40 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    Ok thank so much. I number has been accepted as a 10digits but still I can't generate the report. It says enterprise number missing. Does this meam my customer records also must have enterprise number defined?

  • Aziona Profile Picture
    Aziona 35 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    I just checked it again:

    In the field Tax Registration Number (in the Tax Registration section on the Legal Entity) we entered the VAT number like this 1234.567.890, so ten digits excluding the dots. If I add a number and try to save, it complains and states :"The enterprise number and the VAT number do not correspond.".

    I try to add a number to the Registration Number in Registration ID UID BEL, D365FO states "The registration number cannot be updated for the UID registration type and BEL. The registration type cannot be changed."

    If I enter a nrew registration number and put in the VAT number and add a digit to it, D365FO states "The length of the numeric part of the enterprise number BE 1234.567.8901 is incorrect." (note the extra 1)

  • Sanie Profile Picture
    Sanie 40 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    Thank you but I keep getting the error "registration must have 10 characters. Can you advice. I put the number as 0123.456.789

  • Aziona Profile Picture
    Aziona 35 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    Under Organization&Administration->Legal Entity -> Select Belgian company -> Click Registration ID's in ribbon, we created a registration ID with registration type UID / UID (Name and Description). In Applicable countries etc we selected BEL as Country/Region we entered the Tax Authoritiy that we created earlier with restriction to Organisation (see column) and tick marked Unique and Primary for country).

    The Registration number we entered is in this format BE 0123.456.789. The number is the same and in the same format as the Tax registration number on the legal entity form although  it is typed there without BE so starting with 0 as in my example. The description we gave to Registration ID is Enterprise ID. Also enter the Effective date in the tabe General (Expiration Never).

    Would appreciate if you would let us know whether it worked for you. 

  • Sanie Profile Picture
    Sanie 40 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    Hi everyone 

    I am actually trying to do the same and run the Belgium VAT declaration but i get the same error "enterprise number" missing. Where do I find and enter this number please. Is it the VAT or VAT exempt code?

    Many thanks 

  • Allycya Profile Picture
    Allycya 15 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    Hi, I have the same problem I want to run in D365 Report sales tax for settlement (Tax module > declarations) and it give me error "enterprise number is missing".

    In legal entity I went to registration ID and create new type there. But it is not working that way, I read that VAT number is not the same as Enterprise, also tried with the format from above explanations.

    I need to run this to have recond in Sales tax payment from which I can print Belgian report.

    I could not find any white papers or useful info on MS sites. I know that in previous version there was a field called enterprice number and in vat just a copy of VAT number.

    Can anyone relate?

  • Aziona Profile Picture
    Aziona 35 on at
    RE: VAT Declaration for Belgium

    Hi Antoine,

    I am having trouble as wel getting the VAT declaration out from a D365FO system with a Belgian legal entity. It compains about a missing Enterprise number. it is a long time ago for you but do you know where this number should be entered? Neither the customer card nor the master data from the legal entity is stating field named "Enterprise number".

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