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Use global dimension for Items and Item Groups

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I am missing something, so asking for help here to achieve a goal which is to have Product/Item groups, and then track them as dimensions. Each Item should have its own one Item Group and when creating Purchase Invoice or Sales Invoice it should automatically populate that group information (so no manual selection for dimension is needed).

I am using Dynamics 365 Business Central, v19 SaaS, and I have created Dimension "Item group".

For now, I see maybe two possible solutions, none of them works:

1. Inventory Setup > Dimensions - Item group dimension

This option seems like no effect for nothing further. I do not see how to specify on each Item, to which Item Group does it belong. Will this then be pulled out when filling Sales Invoice Lines also?

2. Set Global Dimension Code to "Item Group" , but still I do not see how to put it on each Item ?

Should I customize Page and display field "Global Dimension 2" ? will it be automatically retrieved for each Sales Invoice Line?

Thank you