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Minor Head Type defined in two apps (IN) Version: 20.3.42673.43026

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When we try to start BC 200 service we see below warning in event viewer, so my question is just to ignore this or how. Reason to ask is if we want to do an upgrade in the next version will this create an issue.

Message The object name 'Minor Head Type' can only appear once for the type 'Enum'. The same object exists in both extension ('eddcf82e-482c-49d1-836b-ad0284f2c5b0' 'India TCS', Publisher: Microsoft, Package ID: cb9ff488-232a-4ecb-b76d-47e4be2628fd, Runtime Package ID: 647495b6-0e2e-4591-a628-c9f0339a7e3c, Scope: Global, Version: 20.3.42673.43026) and in extension ('eae5779e-7797-4c4c-977e-7516652b7a65' 'India TDS', Publisher: Microsoft, Package ID: d3a5a362-ed3c-4c04-98c4-bf82305c72d5, Runtime Package ID: ca9d2e19-877b-45fb-8bf7-57fcf4ac2298, Scope: Global, Version: 20.3.42673.43026).

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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 60,007 Super User on at
    RE: Minor Head Type defined in two apps (IN) Version: 20.3.42673.43026

    Hi, Whether it is PTE or AppSource Extension, it is very necessary to use Prefix and Suffix.

    Benefits and Guidelines for using a Prefix or Suffix:

    And since BC19, you can use ForceSync mode in Production Environment. You can now remove this field and put the value in the new field.

    More details:

    Hope this helps as well.



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    THE Italian Profile Picture
    THE Italian on at
    RE: Minor Head Type defined in two apps (IN) Version: 20.3.42673.43026

    It might be. In any case, not using a prefix or suffix is a bad practice in general.

    Sooner or later, this will fall back into an error. Better if you engage your developers to have this resolved soon.

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