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SmartList scheduled excel export

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I have seen a few threads similar to this, but am wanting to know if there is an updated answer.
I have a SmartList that has been custom created and I would like to schedule this to export daily to an excel file (.csv) so it can be ingested by another system.
Is there a way to do this?
Or is there a better way to schedule an export of data from GP on a daily basis?
We are wanting to integrate (via a flat file) the user/security role/access data into our IAM system and I can pull the excel file manually from the SmartList but can't figure out how to publish or schedule it?
Thanks in advance!
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    BJ-09051414-0 Profile Picture
    BJ-09051414-0 24 on at
    SmartList scheduled excel export
    Hey Kate,
    What you are looking for is called Excel Refreshable Reports. This lets you turn any smartlist into a Excel Spreadsheet report that auto refreshes so it always has up to date data in it.
    Smartlist Builder has this as well. However, if you do not already have Smartlist Builder, I don't see a reason to purchase another product to do something that is already part of core GP and just has to be enabled and configured to accomplish your what you are looking to do. 
    Below are some links on the GP Excel Refreshable Reports that are part of Dynamics GP.
    I hope this helps!
    Thank you!
    Brandon Jarrett
    L3 Functional Consultant.
  • Joseph Markovich Profile Picture
    Joseph Markovich 3,764 on at
    SmartList scheduled excel export
    SmartConnect is an add-on product from a company called eOne. It works with GP (and lots of other systems) and helps you with automation and integration.
    You'd have to purchase this and then set it up in your GP system.
    Have used it for many, many years to integrate GP and other systems (like CRM, Salesforce, etc) and also automate lots of manual tasks in GP. It's fairly easy to use, but there is definitely a learning curve to use it.
  • KG-09052254-0 Profile Picture
    KG-09052254-0 4 on at
    SmartList scheduled excel export
    Thanks for the advice!
    Can I ask - what is SmartConnect? Is this a function available within Great Plains? I don't work directly with this application normally so am not overly familiar with the available functions. Is it something that is available in all versions of GP, or does it have to be specifically set up?
  • Joseph Markovich Profile Picture
    Joseph Markovich 3,764 on at
    SmartList scheduled excel export
    Devon, that is a great idea too!
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    Devon Southall Profile Picture
    Devon Southall 12 on at
    SmartList scheduled excel export
    Another option - especially if you already have it -- is use SmartConnect to export the flat file with the GP data you require.  that has a scheduler too. 
    Devon Southall
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    Joseph Markovich Profile Picture
    Joseph Markovich 3,764 on at
    SmartList scheduled excel export
    You could do this pretty easily with SSRS, if you have it set up. If not, it is really easy to get running.
    The built-in scheduler can export to a bunch of file formats (including Excel) and either emailed or saved to a network location.
    The biggest thing would be getting a report template created of the data you want.

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