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How to fix PO Receipt batch with a status of HOLD

Posted on by 2,947

I have a PO Receipt batch with an inventory. The batch contains the inventory with lot tracking.

The batch had an issue when releasing. It is now on HOLD but the status is disabled and it is unable to release now. 

PO Receipt batch and GL batch have been released  but the inventory receipt has been released yet. Any one know how to fix this kind of  stuck batch in SL?

  • Solomon Grundy Profile Picture
    Solomon Grundy 3 on at
    How to fix PO Receipt batch with a status of HOLD
    What was the actual issue and how did you fix it? 
    I have the same issue. PO Receipt processed to Complete. But the INTran table show Rlsed as 0, not 1 as it should.
    This means the Balance On Hand inventory was not adjusted and the IN batch still needs to process.
    The Release IN Batch screen shows the batch but I get "item does not exist" error when selecting the batch.
    Changing the Rlsed flag to 1 does not actually process the batch, although it will then remove from the list in Release IN Batches screen.
    This is a great question but there is no answer to it! The reply marked as answer is literally a non-answer.

    PS: Nothing was written to the event log.
  • Verified answer
    Babin Profile Picture
    Babin 2,947 on at
    RE: How to fix PO Receipt batch with a status of HOLD

    Thanks Jana for replying.

    There was an issue with the INTran table. I was able to figure it out and correct the issue.

  • CFROTON Profile Picture
    CFROTON 4,710 on at
    RE: How to fix PO Receipt batch with a status of HOLD

    Hello Bab,

    I have a distribution support engineer here to try and answer your question:

    If the IN and GL batches were released, and it was just a matter of the PO Receipt batch status being on Hold, then they could just update the PO batch status to Completed, but that’s not what I’m seeing from their message.  

    On one line, they are saying the batch is on HOLD, but they don’t say if it’s the PO receipt batch or the inventory batch.  I’m assuming the PO receipt batch as that’s what is more common.  But then in the next line, they say that the PO receipt batch and GL batch have been released, but the IN receipt batch “has been released yet”.  Again, I’m assuming they meant to say that the IN receipt has not been released yet.  I’m assuming that they are seeing the IN receipt batch in Release IN Batches as “partially released”.  Can they confirm this?  

    If the Inventory batch hasn’t been released, what is the event log saying?  There should have been an event log generated when that IN batch didn’t release that may provide some details on what’s wrong.  If they don’t know where the event log is, can they try re-releasing the batch in Release IN Batches and see what the event log says?

    Best Regards,

    Jana MacDonald

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