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Upgrade Project AX 2012 to D365 FO estimation sheet

Posted on by 462

Hi ,

I am working on a upgrade project and have uploaded the model file in LCS and got the excel estimate .

What I find is that the excel estimate sheet is having very less estimation for the conflict objects specified.

Eg. InventUpd_Reservation is showing a conflict and the estimation is just 10 mins and same is the case for other different objects.

I am sure that this is not the correct estimation as I have worked previously for fixing code upgrade tasks in Ax 2012 upgrade projects.

If I take the same object and asked to customize with similar functionalities then the same would have taken 8-12 hours int he case of  "InventUpd_Reservation".

Can anyone help me with that is the proper way to estimate the work for this objects.

Is there a way to find the proper estimation ?????

  • vicky1234 Profile Picture
    vicky1234 462 on at
    RE: Upgrade Project AX 2012 to D365 FO estimation sheet

    thanks Martin,

    Its quite un realistic estimation that the excel provides which Microsoft should rework on as it gives a very wrong impression to the technicals doing the upgrade for the first time as they think MIcrosoft provides better accuracy.

  • Verified answer
    Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb 225,862 Super User on at
    RE: Upgrade Project AX 2012 to D365 FO estimation sheet

    You can go and change the numbers if you think that the average number should be different, or if you're aware of some objects will take longer than the rough estimate says.

    Note that it's impossible to guess how much work is needed without knowing what kind conflicts are there. For example, there may be a single line of code to fix in InventUpd_Reservation and you'll solve it in a minute. Or there is a huge amount of conflicts and your developers are not experienced with upgrades, therefore it'll take ten hours. It's impossible to say without more information.

    The spreadsheet don't say that upgrading InventUpd_Reservation will take ten minutes - it says that an average would be ten minutes, because some conflicts will take almost no time and some a lot. You can fiddle with the average time, add your own estimattion... or accept that it's not meaningful and stop paying too much attention to it.

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