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Move mail box set up to higher environment in D365

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Is there any way to move email box set up and server side synchronization from lower environment to higher environment or this should be enabled in every D365 environment. 

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    RE: Move mail box set up to higher environment in D365

    Yes, it is possible to move email box setup and server-side synchronization from a lower environment to a higher environment in Dynamics 365 CE.

    Here are the steps to move email box setup and server-side synchronization:

    1. Export email server profile: Go to Settings > Email Configuration > Email Server Profiles and select the email server profile you want to move. Click on the "Export" button to save the profile as an XML file.

    2. Import email server profile: In the higher environment, go to Settings > Email Configuration > Email Server Profiles and click on the "Import" button to import the XML file that you exported in the previous step.

    3. Configure server-side synchronization: Go to Settings > Email Configuration > Email Configuration Settings and configure the server-side synchronization settings for the higher environment. Ensure that the correct email server profile is selected and that the synchronization method is set up correctly.

    4. Test synchronization: Once the server-side synchronization is set up, you should test the synchronization to ensure that it is working as expected. Send some test emails to verify that they are synchronized correctly between the email server and Dynamics 365 CE.

    It is not necessary to set up email box and server-side synchronization in every Dynamics 365 environment. Once it is set up in one environment, you can export and import the configuration to other environments. However, you may need to update the configuration in each environment to match the specific email server settings and environment variables.

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