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Enable the address suggestion feature

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I enabled the address suggestions as described here: Enable address suggestions | Microsoft Learn
Including going to App Settings -> General Settings -> Productivity tools -> Enable address suggestions 
I do see the Bing Map on Sales Insight forms for Leads.
However, I don't see a new Address field. 
Any advice about what to do is greatly appreciated in order to be able to use the address suggestions.
  • Enable the address suggestion feature
    I have the same issue and I have followed the steps in the documentation but this is still not working on my end,
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    Fubar Profile Picture
    Fubar 2,748 on at
    Enable the address suggestion feature
    a) there is something that says if you have Field Service it will use that for account & contact, so if that's the case you may have to enable it in Field Service
    b) Look at a Lead record with the main 'Lead' form and see if it is there and working - if it is at least you know you have generally configured it correctly.
    (also if it is working on the Lead form you can check the onLoad events of the form and you will see the Library and function call - if working on Lead this is probably also setup correctly on the main 'Account' form)
    c) if not using Field Service and it is working on Lead, but not on Account (the main 'Account' form) and you meet the prereqs regarding  licensing etc, it may be a bug.
    (in mine it is sending a 'hidden' error (not to the screen or console) "Address suggestions control settings are not enabled")
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    BenNovak 19 on at
    Enable the address suggestion feature
    I'm getting the same issue. I followed the documentation here: but I still do not get the suggestions for addresses on any records.
  • Leah Ju Profile Picture
    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    Enable the address suggestion feature
    Hi Partner,
    Please refer to the following video:
    The loaded dialogue box will show the new address field.

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