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VendInvoiceTrans column value is updated to zero in ProjCostTrans table

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

All three “project transaction” tables, i.e. ProjCostTrans, ProjEmplTrans, ProjItemTrans, have a column that points to a specific VendinvoiceTrans record.  This common join column is the most reliable way to link the VendinvoiceTrans table to the project transaction tables.


As per the three queries shown in the below screenshot:

  • Notice that ProjCostTrans does NOT have any values in the column.    
  • The other two tables ProjEmplTrans and ProjItemTrans both populate the column OK.  


Has Microsoft provided any hotfix for the resolution of this issue? If no, then what could be the possible way to recover the values of VendInvoiceTrans column in ProjCostTrans table? Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

  • Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: VendInvoiceTrans column value is updated to zero in ProjCostTrans table

    Hello Uzair,

    Can you let us know what AX2012 version you operate exactly?

    Can you also provide some details of your test transaction that you recorded? I would expect that you posted a vendor invoice against a project, right?

    If so, can you share details, how you did that exactly?

    Many thanks and best regards,


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