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Purchasing - Recurring Batch Error Edit Required

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Posted on by 25

I went to post a batch.  It seems to have posted, but still showed up in the "to be posted" batches.  So I tried to post again and got this message.  After recovering the batch, and printing preview, I get the message on the payables transaction edit list of "This transaction already has been posted.  This transaction contains errors.  It won't be posted."

The GL seems to have been hit.  And the subledger of payables also shows the payables, but they aren't added into the total.  When I go to "select checks" I cannot print the payables in this batch - it says they are not posted yet.

Any help?

  • RE: Purchasing - Recurring Batch Error Edit Required

    Hi mhernley86,

    With a non-check batch, the error is likely caused by work records stuck in the PM10000 table. What usually occurs is that the transactions do post to the OPEN tables, but the batch and WORK records are not cleaned up properly due to an interruption. However, deleting the batch is not advised as that removes the Key record (can be recreate using Check Links) and Distribution records (cannot be recreated) for the documents and would leave orphaned transaction data in the tables, and disconnected journals if the documents posted to the General Ledger as well.

    Without a full review of the batch and transaction data, I can't provide specific guidance on how to correct the issue, but typically the solution is to remove the duplicate PM10000 records and the batch header from the SY00500 using SQL statements, but there may be other issues to correct as well like incorrect document status or no GL records. Of course, we would always do this in a TEST company first to verify the results. To provide a specific and accurate solution, we'd need to review the status of the data in many different tables, such as looking at the document status in the PM00400 Key Master, checking if everything posted through to the PM20000 Open Transaction table, and if the GL records were created.

    Fixing data damage like this is not a service we can provide do outside of a support case, but we'd be happy to take a look if you do open a case.

    Please let me know if there are any other questions regarding this issue!

  • mhernley86 Profile Picture
    mhernley86 25 on at
    RE: Purchasing - Recurring Batch Error Edit Required

    Hi Lucas, thanks for the response.  This is not for a check run, just a normal purchasing batch posting.  It is still giving me this error: A save operation on table 'PM_Transaction_OPEN'  has created a duplicate key.

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    RE: Purchasing - Recurring Batch Error Edit Required

    Hi mkernley86!

    If this is a Payables check batch that is interrupted, you can use the steps in the following support article to address the issue:

    How to continue a check run that was interrupted in Payables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Otherwise, there are likely some stuck transaction records in the work tables which will need to be dealt with. Your best option there is to submit a support ticket to have a GP support engineer take a look at the SQL data (or reach out to your Partner for assistance if you have one).

    You can log a support request for GP here:

    New support request

    I hope that helps!

  • mhernley86 Profile Picture
    mhernley86 25 on at
    RE: Purchasing - Recurring Batch Error Edit Required

    Ok - I have run some reconciliations and check links. and now get this message - posting interrupted.  When I click on more info, it says this: A save operation on table 'PM_Transaction_OPEN'  has created a duplicate key.

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