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DIXF: Populate the Parent RecId and assign it to Child Table Field during staging?

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I'm working on a data management import project (XML) in d365FO. I have composite Entity that has 2 tables in it.

T1 and T2. T1 as the parent and T2 as the child.

T2 has 3 fields.

TableId - TableId of T1 (index)

RefRecId - RecID of T1 (index) this is a foreign key

Field1 - The value of this field is from the XML file being imported.

Now during staging I need to populate values in t2.tableid and t2.refrecid which are the parent table's tableId and RecID.

How do I populate the recID and TableId of the parent and assign it to child table fields during staging?

Any help would be appreciated