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New Queue/Mailbox error

Posted on by 433


I am in the process of creating a new queue and mailbox for a department in our company. The department currently deals with issues using Outlook and want to switch to Dynamics,

I successfully created the new queue, mailbox, case creation rules etc.

However, when I then tested and enabled the mailbox then approved it, every email in the departments inbox came in as a new case. There are over 1000. I diasbled the queue and deleted all the new cases before every email came in.

My question is, how can I enable the queue and mailbox again without any of the old emails coming in as Cases.

Thanks a lot


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    dian74 2,473 Super User on at
    RE: New Queue/Mailbox error

    Hi Ted, as you can see on the bottom of my article here, you want these emails to be processed just like a new email would be, there are some steps you need to take. On the mailbox entity there is an out of the box field that isn’t visible on the form called ‘Process Email Received After’, so you’ll have to put it on the form first. This field allows you to pick a date from when you want to start syncing the emails into Dynamics 365. After you entered a date and saved the mailbox, you’ll need to approve and test and enable the mailbox. Keep in mind only emails that are marked as ‘unread’ will be processed. So if you don't want to process those old emails, just set the date to a later date.Or mark emails that you don't want to be processes as 'Read".

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    TedW 433 on at
    RE: New Queue/Mailbox error

    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for your message. Yes indeed they are. I had followed the same process as outlined in our link.



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    RE: New Queue/Mailbox error

    Are the automatic record creation rules looking at the new queue mailbox?  I normally use the following when setting up a queue mailbox to work with dynamics.

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