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Creating Activity using CreateNewActivityEntry of CrmServiceClient

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This is similar to a previous issue reported here:

However, that issue was never resolved.

I am calling the CreateNewActivityEntry() method in the CrmServiceClient. The method always returns an empty Guid and does not throw an error.  The activity record is never created.

Example code:

Guid tmpRet = Guid.Empty;
if (contactID != null)
	CrmServiceClient tmpSvc = MyCompany.CRM.ServiceReference.Crm.CreateCrmService(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["CRMServiceURL"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["CRMOrganization"]
		, ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["CRMServiceUserName"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["CRMServicePassword"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["CRMServiceDomainName"], 0, "");

	//this is not creating the record but not throwing an error either
	tmpRet = tmpSvc.CreateNewActivityEntry(activityTypeName, entityTypeName, contactID, subject, description, createdByID.ToString());
	throw new ApplicationException("ContactID cannot be null");

return tmpRet;

We use other methods on this service so I know the service works.

The parameters all contain values that I believe are correct, but I have not been able to find any examples of implementing this method anywhere.

Does anyone have experience using the CreateNewActivityEntry method and can help?

Here is some relevant version info:

  • Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Version:
  • Application version: .NET version 4.6.1
  • SDK version from NuGet: Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.CoreAssembly package version



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    Eric S Profile Picture
    Eric S 5 on at
    RE: Creating Activity using CreateNewActivityEntry of CrmServiceClient

    Ok, well I'm going to go ahead and answer my own post.  The solution to this was passing in the "activityTypeName" parameter as all lowercase.  Apparently the CRM API only likes to work with lowercase entity names.  I was passing in "Task" as the activityTypeName, but changed it to "task" and it work.  

    Thanks Microsoft for making an SDK that is so poorly documented.  Would it have been too freaking hard to create ONE example per method in the help documentation?

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